getting ready

Days before bought a Segate 1TB + mobile disk container so that, i could bring ‘all’ my data with me to everywhere“
And a bluetooth module, Dell 360. Once recieved it two days after ordering over Internet, i unwrapped it, took it out, then unscrew my Dell, then installed it –all seemed successful. But really puzzled with its driver. XP, WIDCOMM and Bluesoleil (right?) neither compatible, so i have to use the ‘Official’ driver, by Toshiba. and Then it made me crazy: why the DRIVER says it’s an evaluational version with only 30 days ‘deadline’?? asked Google, who said it a famous problem when using XP… It occurs me abt. someone who, years before, told me he re-installs Windows monthly, because NOD32 has only 30 days timespan for free  –like, but not the same“
Now getting ready for updating my space. Already prepared several pieces with photos long ago, and i need to write more –mst imp. more photos?:)
ps. 越来越喜欢cmd的批处理脚本。准备时机成熟发表一下我对压制制作RMVB视频的看法(除去四个别人做的编码解码器,用15KB的批处理文件解决画质、长宽比、尺寸、文件大小和操作繁琐程度等问题)……
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