ZARD – 翼を広げて

上面的是 羽田裕美 的钢琴版    坂井就是这么神    每天听一段


今も 忘れられない
真夜中 声が聴きたくなって
無意識に ダイヤル回す
だけど… 話す勇気がなくて
切なさ 抱きしめた

※翼を広げて 旅立つ君に
誰のためじゃなく ただ君のため

渚で 二人 sun goes down
飲みかけの 缶ジュース
肩を寄せて 夢 語り合った
Friday night 君の部屋へと急ぐ
いつもの僕は もういない
騒ぐ人影 窮屈な道



What I lost that summer
Were the days we spent together
Even now, I still can’t forget your smile
That was brighter than a freshly cleaned shirt
I feel the urge to hear your voice in the middle of the night
So I dial your number unconsciously
But…I don’t have the courage to speak
I embraced the pain

*Spread your wings
As you set off on your journey
I’ll softly cheer
Not for anyone else, only for you
I loved you

We’re at the shore as the sun goes down
The canned juice was half drunk
We huddled close and talked about our dreams
I gazed longingly at that day
It’s friday night, I hurry to your place
I’m not who I was anymore
Noisy silhouettes, narrow streets
This city is the blues

(Repeat* x2)

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