Missing .TXT filetype


The filetype registered to Windows XP (Pro SP3) of plain text file – *.txt is missing. All of the .txt files on the computer have the icon like this:


When double click the icon of a text file, notepad.exe is still launched. However, in the “Explorer->Tool->Folder Options->File Types” list, there is no “TXT” type.



This issue must be related to damage of the registry entry. I met this problem when I was uninstalling Adobe CS3. I looked up Google, and found this:


Perhaps it is the Adobe uninstallation program that do the damage!


Solution – Repairing the file association:

The solution to repair the file type association is simple and easy. Just add an entry for .txt in the “File types” list.

Here, a trick can be used to make the operation easier. When you are creating a new filename extension, type “txt” in the field, then click “Advanced” button, choose “Text file” in the list. Then click OK, and the system will automatically configure the associated programs for the entry. Just a few more OKs to click, and the .txt file is correctly registered again.

If you have trouble with this trick, then you should manually fill the form, which is shown below.


– END –

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