Organizing starred locations in Google maps 管理 Google 地图中的加星地点

I’m a student living in two cities and I enjoy travelling. So like many others I’ve stored dozens of items in my Gmap’s star list. But Google maps seems not to have a fully-developed bookmark function. It just performed simply as traditional hand-written index cards in the library – and without even anyone maintaining them in the right order.

Searching with Google I found these:

HOWTO: Rename starred items in Google Maps

and some topics in Google Groups which has referred to that one:

Can you Alphabetize starred items, or rename them? Set a home and work location?!category-topic/maps/google-maps-for-mobile/Ft2Z-TCy9M8

Is it Possible to Organize Starred Places?!msg/maps/ZA_xKJwLTWI/fKshEFPPLgoJ

It looks like Google has never develop this function into some advanced level – Gmap shares the bookmark storage in Google account. But this is not a problem, depositing stars in the cloud is good. However it is painful that no organization tool is available.

If I put my star on some unpopular site (like my ‘favorite’ restaurant), Gmap will name it after the nearest street – exactly enough to identify in the list, but not as my wish. Later with my android phone, I still need to type the name in the search box rather than simply tapping folders and labels.

What is more, the increasing number of my stars is also a burden. Growing list means less efficiency, since Gmap hasn’t provided a quick way to pick up my desired places.

At last I will show you a few screenshots to verify the method above.

First, open Gmap with Chrome, choose a starred restaurant. Also locate it in Gbookmark.



Then modify those three boxes. Label and note it to see if there will be any changes in Gmap.


Click the lovely bluish ‘Save’ and then refresh Gmap page. Finally I got this:


Voila! I can see directly the name among the list. As you’ve noticed, the pop-up frame on the right doesn’t have a name (its name field is empty like before).

But, when I type the name in the search box….


It seems that searching results in Gmap don’t include starred items like this. May be Google can only access public contents, like the ‘name’ displayed in the pop-up frame as mentioned above, while my star list is excluded when it searches the world. However, when I’m typing in the search box I can see empty white stars on the left side of each items below my input (it is called instant search, maybe). This indicates that if I’ve put a bookmark in my account Google will show it as the top result. Frankly, sometimes it works, but not always.

A few more tests show that it won’t work even if the place HAS a name on the map. I searched both its name I’ve named it in bookmark and the English version on the map, but failed all the time. Not working on Android either.

Although it’s better to see the starred locations with their more exact names, I’m not planning to change the bookmarks (90+ stars in about 6 cities). I’m looking forward to a brand-new feature to organize these tiny yellowish stars. Also hoping more features about location bookmarks – just like Picasa on G+.


– END –

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