Windows Live Writer is automatically shrinking pictures and wiping EXIF while uploading

UPDATE 2013.8.12 – PROBLEM SOLVED. Check out  this post for explanation and solution.


I haven’t noticed this problem until today, before beginning to write my next photo blog. But now at the beginning, I should first make a description about the problem.

That is, Windows Live Writer is automatically re-writing JPEG files with a smaller FILE SIZE which have inferior image quality, as well as disposing the original EXIF data that is embedded within my JPEG file.

More details comes here. I’m using Windows XP and the latest WLW version, 14.0.8117.416 en, to write blogs on my site. The photos (JPEG files) are “processed” with my own imaging softwares before being pasted into WLW, and I’m sure it does contains EXIF when it is stored on my computer. However, when I put the pictures into my blog text, publish the post with WLW, things just go absurd – larger pictures (with file size of <1MB, typically 400 – 600KB) become shrinked (file size into half, but image size remain same pixels), and EXIF data just go away!

You can easily find examples since Oct 2010 to now. In May 2012, I published first post with some photos, after moving to due to Live Space’s shutting down, of which the EXIF data have gone. I didn’t notice that. The last post which contains EXIF data seems to be this one.

Although WLW is doing these evils “voluntarily” for me, it’s not hard to guess the reason. Maybe it thinks the photos are too big to be posted, so just save them with LOWER quality! But I don’t think it a good idea huh. My free 3GB space on is far from being used up. I don’t need WLW do this kindness, but it seems I have no choice but to endure….

Later I used Chrome to upload a photo. I mean I logged in’s website, went to the dashboard, and uploaded a photo, containing EXIF data, to the media library. Then I checked this file, it does contains EXIF. See the picture here (opens in new window). This shows that it’s not that should be blamed at. Must be Live Writer. (I try not to say those bad words)

Well, after the deep search with Google, which hands me this, this, this, and this which lists out a variety of free blog clients, all posts of which are outdated, I soon discovered I should stick to WLW despite of its downside about picture uploading mechanism. Those free and open-sourced client programs are disappointing – WLW is better for writing blogs as relaxation, but not a geek action. So, I think my best decision is to stay with WLW, and continue to suffer from lower image qualities and missing EXIF data.

Makes blogging less interesting. Doesn’t it?

How is your Live Writer working? Does it shrink your photo and delete EXIF before uploading to Please leave me a comment.


Windows Live Writer is automatically shrinking picutures while uploading

使用 Windows Live Writer 编写博客,上传图片时,图片被自动重新压缩,并丢失 EXIF 数据。

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  1. Update: (Solved) Windows Live Writer removing EXIF data in uploaded photos | 仰望天空_hover_in_the_sky

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