Paste unformatted text with MathType installed in Word 2003

(原创文章,转载注明出处)安装 MathType 后,在 Word 2003 中使用无格式粘贴

Word 2003 provides an easy way to delete the “format” or “style” of a newly pasted text, by clicking a small button besides the pasted block. By selecting from the opened menu you can decide whether the pasted text should maintain its style as in where it comes from, or become adapted to the style in the target document, or drop all the styles.

But you may not find this pop-up button after pasting, even if you have “Tools -> Options -> Edit -> Show Paste Option” checked, if you have MathType installed. Actually the button’s appearance has been suppressed due to a series of MathType’s macro executions. There’s no solution except you uninstall MathType or upgrade it to version 6.7.

If you want to paste the text without its format, when you cannot get rid of old versions of MathType, here are some solutions.

  1. Paste the text to notepad at first, then select the text in notepad and copy them to clipboard, then paste them into Word. Note that this will replace all non-character objects (images, equations, etc.) with a white space. Hyperlinks are also removed.
  2. In Word, go to menu “Edit -> Selective Paste” and then choose “Plain text” in the pop-up box. Objects will be removed too.
  3. Paste the text WITH style first, then hit menu “Edit -> Clear -> Clear Formats”. Objects will be kept, so you can use this method to deal with picture-containing texts. However, this will bring the styles into the style list of your editing documents. This may ruin your work (often drives me crazy!) if you are making a nicely styled layout. A compromise between way 1,2 & 3 is made by pasting the text into a new separate Word document first, while keeping images and styles, then clear its format in Word, and then paste the unformatted text into the target document. This action should prevent style contamination to your main document.
  4. A macro can help you to paste text more quickly. Refer to this post to establish the working environment. Note that you should allow macro to run before using this method, so it may be unfeasible if macro is disallowed. I set ctrl+shift+v as its shortcut key and it works really well. But this action will also remove the objects.

To make a comparison, only way 3 will keep all the images or other “objects” while pasting, but it’s pretty awkward. All other 3 will only paste characters, but you can do it fast (way 4).

You may ask why I don’t use Word 2007 or 2010? Newer versions are more and more hard to use. Microsoft declares it’s making their GUI more friendly and convenient, but NO!!!

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