Diary #1



I decided to begin my self-study plan on these topics:
1. Audio circuits
   – Amplifiers, DSP (DAC, optical, etc.), Hi-Fi systems, related power systems (SMPS).
   – This afternoon I checked again Amazon, and found Fiio D3 (old-version) does not support headphone output. Although it has a pair of (stereo) RCA jacks, and I initially decided to use a RCA-3.5mm adapter line to accommodate my Sennheiser, I was astonished by that fact. Further study showed it’s unwise to buy anything to convert my CT800’s TosLink output into headphone signal. It’s too expensive to do that.
   – Then I decided to make a DAC + Amp by myself.
   – I wanted Mr. Chu to help me. Didn’t know if he would like to do so.
2. Python
   I studied Matlab & LabVIEW for years. They are very good at scientific & engineering computation, but I need some more general-purposed programming language for daily use.
   I can make C & VB programs, but the compiling process just bothers me.
   I can make Windows & Linux shell scripts. But the functions are fixed & too weak.
   Python is pretty good. Let’s make it!
3. Algegraic / Number Theory
   It’s only the beginning. Hope to learn more knowledge. As long as I’m young!

– END –

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